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    Audible Time - Travel Companion - Alarm Clock

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About Me

Bruce may look intimidating but he wouldn't harm an ant - in fact, he may share his lunch with it. His softhearted personality and strong sense of loyalty will always make you feel protected. With one eye always wide open he's got your back - so you can sleep soundly.

Made With Care

- Constructed of new and recycled materials.
- Each character is both hand and machine stitched.
- Each character may be slightly unique in appearance from one displayed on this page, as we humans are.
- Not recommended for children under 3 years of age.
- Made in the USA.

US$ 29.95

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Alarm Clock Audible Sleep Aid Travel Friendly Companion Wake Up Refreshed Family Friendly Environmentally Friendly Life Helper


Tall: 5”
Hips: 3.5”
Waist: 1”
Weight: Grrrr...no comment!
Squeeze & Snooze

It’s easy...Set current time and alarm clock (if desired) and insert LCD clock back into your oishi. Place your oishi into the corner of your pillow (or any preferred location) and when you need to know what time it is - just squeeze.

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